Terms and Conditions

Copyright and Usage

The Licensee and/or Nominated Third Party acknowledge that all intellectual property rights including without limitation copyright, shall remain the sole property of DataDumpX.

We are strongly against spam. So by purchasing any of our databases, you must comply and abide by the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003.

The Licensee and/or its Nominated Third Party is authorized to use DataDumpX information under this agreement for the licensee’s direct marketing, research and academic purposes only. Under no circumstances must the data be reproduced, copied, or transferred to a third party (other than the Nominated Third Party), or be used to benefit any third party including without limitation, any business, company or entity associated or affiliated with the Licensee or Nominated Third Party, unless previously agreed in writing by a DataDumpX representative.


By purchasing any of databases, you must agree that the use of the data found on this website is at your own risk.

By using the information from our databases, you are required to indemnify and hold harmless www.datadumpx.com from any way.

You will not hold www.datadumpx.com accountable for any legal problems that may occur regarding the usage of the data. We provide public data lists available to anyone online.


Once the Data is delivered, no refunds will be provided in any circumstance including but not limited to satisfaction of ‘Buyer’. Orders cancelled following payment will be subject to the full invoice value regardless as to whether the Licensee has used the Data or not.

IMPORTANT *Once data is purchased, you will not initiate fake chargebacks.

Not all records will include all data fields (some businesses do not have for example: contact person, websites, revenue, etc.) and some fields may contain invalid data such as bad emails, phone, etc. Companies often change their business information and DataDumpX will do it’s best to maintain a clean up-to-date database, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the data 100%.If you disagree with this, then please do not make a purchase.


Data Quality and Sales

If the DataDumpX data is used for marketing purposes, we cannot guarantee any sales on your end. We simply provide you the leads and its up to you how you market your service or product using our data. By purchasing the data from DataDumpX you must agree to these terms.

Custom Data

If you want to have the best quality, and most up-to-date data, kindly please contact us for a fresh data extraction. Please keep in mind, depending on the request, DataDumpX may not be able to get the new data, DataDumpX cannot guarantee we can help get new data not listed in this website, but we will sure try.


We deliver the data via download link and on USB Key. Once we confirmed your payment, we then provide you the download access for the database purchased. Your address is required for the Data Key. If you fail to provide this information (name, address, phone number) we cannot guarantee this Data Key will be sent.