Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions you may want answered before you make your purchase from DataDumpX. We offer you some questions and answers to the most common inquiries that we get on a daily basis. We often update this section to make sure you have a clear understanding of the data services we provide. Often, you will find all of the answers you need right here.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions along with thorough and helpful answers:

Q: Do you keep the business data listings that you provide up to date?

A: We are constantly updating our business data listings and we pride ourselves on the finest quality available online.

Q: What format is available once I make my first purchase? CD / DVD / USB? Can I request a special format for my data listing?

A: We work hard to provide you with quickest access to your order as possible. This is why Special Databases will provide you with a direct download option just seconds after you have placed your order. Why should you have to wait days for a DVD in the mail? We do not think that you should. That is why we make downloading your lists quick and simple.

Q: Can I request a special format for my data listing?

A: We first provide you a download link to your data. You are also sent out a data key with your data in multiple formats?

Q: Will I receive my hard copy data key once I make my purchase automatically, or do I have to request this?

A: As soon as your data is purchased, we prepare the data key and send it to you immediately.

Q: When I place an order with you, what kind of methods can I use for payments? If you accept credit cards, will they be processed through a secure method when I choose to order business lists?

A: We take your security very seriously and we know that everyone needs different options for payment. This is why we are able to accept credit cards in a secure online format. In addition, we can accept Paypal payments. When you would like to make use of a credit card to pay for business and data listings, then you will be glad to know that we make use of SSL (secured 3D verified socket layers) to guarantee that your Visa or MasterCard payments are completely safe and secure.

Q: You would like to purchase more than one set of data at the same time?

A:  If you choose more than one type of data, we can send you multiple keys and you are provided a data link to your download on each purchase. We treat each data request separately, and none can be compiled together for discounts. We do not approve these types of requests because it is not fair to our other clients. We believe that everyone must be serviced equally. 

Q: I am interested in your data lists, but I would like something customized. Do you offer customized requests, for example: 1000 Doctors, 1000 Spas…

A: We do offer custom lists that can be created for our clients based on need and request. If you are interested in such a custom email or business list, then we will be glad to work with you. You must fill out the custom order form, and be very specific in your request. This is approved at the management level, and we reserve the right to decline a request for any reason we feel may not be fair to our other clients. This is non-negotiable, and if you agree to buy our data you automatically agree to these terms.